Finlux 2007

Jubilee Range Glen Tilt

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Finlux 2007 results
(top 6 scorers in each team)
West Atholl  
K Macdonald 149v16
R Scott 148v19
K Baxby 145v16
Julia Adamson 145v14
R Gow (F ) 150v26
G.Taylor (F) 150v26
Total 887v117
West of Scotland  
M Barton 149v15
R Simpson 145v13
E Jones 144v11
M Ozmond 142v12
A Ozmond 142v10
J MacDonald 141v05
Total 863v66
Fife and Kinross  
M.Barlow 143v15
R. Taylor 127v04
J.Gaywood 139v11
B. Young 132v07
P. Crosbie (F) 150v26
P. Sandie (F) 150v25
Total 841v88

Most of the winning West Atholl team. Left to right: Julia Adamson, John MacRae hiding behind Robin Gow, Captain Scott and trophy, Kenny Macdonald and Pete Dingle. Missing are Grant Taylor (early bath due to injury) and Keith Baxby (transport for injured member).

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